Fritz and friends Fritz and friends Frirz What are you lookin at man.... 176829645 My human I rescued my human a few weeks ago, he was a real mess when I found him...but, he's coming along rather well with his training...I think I'll keep him. 176829644 Surfdog Lucky OUTSIDE !....... 176829646 neighbors one of the locals came by to say hello...skipper tries to make a new friend 176829647 the Bros I think they want me to come down and play.....maybe some other time..... 176829648 My 3 Bros 176829649 Ollie and Lucky they look so innocent ......right....... 176829650 the Byrds my human is teasing me putting a byrd feeder there 176829651 Rebel my human says he has something called papers, whatever that means...his full name is Rebel Virginia human calls him "Big" and he is really bigh too.... 176829652 GOT BACON ???? 176829653 And....the winner of the Fritz lookalike contest is..... Mention the Fritz the chimneycat lookalike contest and receive a 20% discount on all chimney cleaning services. Offer good til 5/1/2013....peace 177871691 177871891 177871892 177871893 177871894 177871895 Bloodshot Asbury Park 201143635